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Ohana Embroidery Custom Apparel

Custom Fishing & Hunting Apparel

Who We Are

We are a small business  that started in 2018. We specialize in embroidery, screen printing, and other custom apparel needs.

My name is Paul and I am the owner and sole proprietor of this company. My whole life and my upbringing has taught me that family means everything. Most companies in today's time don't pride themselves on family and that is something we decided needed to change. 

Having a connection with people, being there for your neighbors, friends, and family is something we think should be upheld the most and people take for granted the sense of community. At our company, we handle every new customer and returning customers as a part of our Ohana which of course means family. 

Our goal is to provide the best quality of product, the best customer care, and grow a sense of community where people can expect help with all of their needs. Well, that's enough about me and our company. I think it's time to learn about you!

Welcome to our Ohana, where our family grows one stitch at a time.